em4 is driven by an ideal: Social Impact Organisations, wherever they are in the world, need access to competencies and business acumen to drive their missions sustainably. Inequalities need to be addressed so that all organisations have access to high-level opportunities and talent.

Our reach is GLOBAL, our approach LOCAL.

We train specialists on the ground to deliver skills.

When you work with em4, you are supporting not only nonprofits addressing essential social issues but also local social entrepreneurs.

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our story

em4 was founded in 2019 by three social entrepreneurs from non-profit and corporate environments. Niall, Ajay and Donna joined in a common purpose combining their skills, experience and interests to build strong Processes and Tools in a methodology that has been tested with excellent results in Kenya, India, Argentina, South Africa, France and Switzerland.

We take a fresh approach to build sustainability in NGOs, Associations and Foundations. Knowing an organisation, its leaders and governors, staff and other key stakeholders is the starting point to discovering its strengths and weaknesses and key performance challenges. Understanding an organisation’s social, political and cultural context is essential. What is different about us is that we invest in local talent – we train individuals to deliver high-quality capacity building in the markets they know, in the cultural contexts they understand and in the languages they speak.

When organisations come to us with fundraising challenges, our starting point is understanding their fundamentals – how they function and perform. This crucial step provides a clear and realistic understanding of the fundraising potential of the organisation, how it can deliver on its Mission, and how it can maximise its impact.

We have developed a 4-stage learning and development process involving a deep dive into key capacity areas that are critical to an organisation’s wellbeing and performance.

Each organisation is unique in its make-up, positioning and ambition. The solutions we provide are bespoke and delivered by a local team using both digital and consultative approaches.

our vision

A thriving and sustainable global Social Impact Sector.

our mission

em4 works with Funders and the wider social impact sector, delivering curated solutions for organisational development and capacity building.

our objectives

Sector Leadership: building a movement of change-making leaders across the grant-giving and grant-seeking community globally, mobilising and connecting them to achieve a powerful shift in the Social Impact Sector.
Institutional Strengthening: providing high-impact interventions to build the capabilities and effectiveness of organisations, ultimately helping them to achieve long-term financial sustainability.
Transformative Leadership: helping leaders to drive their organisations with authenticity, impact and results.
Resilience and Agility: supporting organisations to confront environmental turbulence and future-proofing them from significant adverse events.

our values

Performance: We build organisational capacity to improve organisational effectiveness.
Leadership: We inspire organisations to find the courage to shape a better future for the communities they serve.
Collective change: We work together to drive positive change in our sector.
Driving Impact: We impact organisations in their capacity and development in order to increase their own impact.
Transparency: We build relationships that are open and transparent.