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em4 is driven by an ideal:
SIOs, wherever they are in the world, need access to competencies and business acumen to drive their missions sustainably. We believe that inequalities need to be addressed to ensure that all organisations have access to high-level opportunities and talent to help them increase their social impact.

em4 was established in 2019 by three social entrepreneurs from non-profit and corporate environments. They joined in a common purpose combining skills, experience and interests to increase social impact by building the capacities and capabilities of non-profit organisations.

our story

We take a fresh approach to organisational development and capacity building as the requisites for sustainable NGOs, Associations, Foundations and Social Enterprises.

Knowing an organisation, its leaders and governors, staff and other key stakeholders is the starting point to discovering its strengths and weaknesses. Objective empathy is key to understanding the root causes of an SIO’s challenges and how to correct them.

Often, organisations come to us with fundraising challenges. Our starting point is understanding the underlying structural, cultural and procedural issues.

This fundamental step provides a clear and realistic understanding of the fundraising potential of the organisation, how it can deliver a good return on investment to its funders, and how it can maximise its impact.

We have developed a 4-stage learning and development process involving a deep dive into key capacity areas that are critical to an organisation’s wellbeing and performance.

Each organisation is unique in its make-up, positioning and ambition. The solutions we provide are bespoke and delivered by a regional OD Facilitator using both digital and consultative approaches.

We work directly with SIOs and with Funders who believe that they have an important part to play in developing the capabilities of their grantee partners.

our vision

Our vision is of a social impact sector where institutional Funders have lasting and powerful partnerships with their grantees, and where non-profit organisations are well-led and governed, mission-focused and financially sustainable.

our mission

We work with Funders and Social Impact Organisations to enable the sustainable delivery of aligned missions, fulfilling the aims of the foundations and building the capacity of the non-profits. We do this through the process of organisational assessments delivering capacity-building interventions, evaluating their progress and supporting them through the implementation of a learning and development strategy.

our values

Our values and guiding philosophy are deeply rooted in a sector that works to tackle disadvantage, discrimination and destruction of our planet. We will work with Funders and Social Impact Organisations with authenticity, courage and compassion. We believe these organisations have the answers; our skill is in helping to elicit them. We will work in partnership, establishing the right structures, processes and leadership development that will enable them to achieve their goals sustainably.