We work with funders and mission-focused social impact organisations to Drive social change locally, regionally, globally Achieve transformational shifts in the social impact sector Collaborate to maximise impact for their beneficiaries Strengthen their efforts in fighting global poverty, inequality and injustice

em4 believes that Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Social Enterprises are the requisite for an improved social impact sector, providing a pathway to eradicating global poverty, inequality and injustice, tackling human rights, health and environmental issues. Strong leadership and manifest skills in these organisations are key to fulfilling their mission, validating their purpose and ensuring social return on investment for funders.

We work with charitable funders and investors to build the capacities and capabilities of their grantees and partners so that the return on their investments achieves improved results and greater impact. We do this through driving organisational development, leadership and fundraising capacity building for NGOs and Social Enterprises through locally-sourced teams and adapted eLearning programmes across the globe.

Our programmes and services support the development of dynamic leaders who can effect positive change sustainably in their organisations and in their communities. A more robust, resilient and mission-focussed organisation is better able to establish relationships with its funders with confidence and based on trust and transparency​.

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