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Can you evidence that your Mission drives your organisational strategy in an effective and impactful way?

1 out of 20

Is there clear alignment between your Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Objectives?

2 out of 20

Does your approach to monitoring and evaluation inform your service development?

3 out of 20

Are you able to demonstrate impact and effect real change in the communities or regions you serve?

4 out of 20

Are strategic risks managed effectively in the organisation?

5 out of 20

Do your Board meetings strike a good balance between scrutiny and supportive challenge?

6 out of 20

Do the executive leadership and Board effectively engage with all stakeholders internally as well as externally so that there is clarity in how they add value in their roles?

7 out of 20

Is your Board well represented in terms of skills, experience and diversity?

8 out of 20

Are matters of conflict and differences of opinions with your Board members well managed and resolved?

9 out of 20

Is there an effective relationship between the Board and Executive Director?

10 out of 20

Are the organisation’s decision-making processes in relation to programmes and fundraising informed by robust and credible data, information and intelligence in relation to its potential collaborators, partners and competitors?

11 out of 20

Is there a credible and well-informed fundraising strategy that drives the work of the organisation?

12 out of 20

Is there a fundraising culture in your organisation so that the process of generating income engages and involves all staff and Board members?

13 out of 20

Are you confident about the strength of your relationships with your funders and partners and that they have long term standing?

14 out of 20

Would you describe your organisation as financially resilient and resistant to unexpected turbulence in the external environment?

15 out of 20

Do you have sound human resource management policies and procedures that support and protect your workforce, motivate them and make the most of their talent?

16 out of 20

Are your communication processes effective and support your positioning externally?

17 out of 20

Is there a culture that is driven by agreed organisational values and philanthropic intentions?

18 out of 20

Is the workforce well motivated and productive?

19 out of 20

Are your staffs actions and behaviours Mission-focussed and driven by your organisational values?

20 out of 20

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