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Your management and Board have a good understanding of workforce planning

1 out of 20

There is a system in place for evaluating the performance of your staff

2 out of 20

The organisation can survive at least 6 months if all of its funding dries up

3 out of 20

Budget holders with non-financial background are trained in basic financial management

4 out of 20

Your Mission, Vision and Values statements can be clearly communicated by your staff and Board members

5 out of 20

All your programmes and services, as well as your relationships and communications with your donors and supporters, are driven by your organisational values

6 out of 20

Your Board meetings tend to have a good balance between constructive challenge, support and oversight

7 out of 20

Your Board members are clear about their roles and responsibilities

8 out of 20

Your fundraising strategy clearly aligns with your organisational strategy

9 out of 20

You have a social media plan and dedicated resources to implement it effectively

10 out of 20

You know how to measure the social impact of your activities

11 out of 20

You understand what social return on investment means for your donors

12 out of 20

You regularly monitor the outcomes against the targets set for your programmes and activities

13 out of 20

You have a systematic approach to managing and evaluating data

14 out of 20

The data you hold for your service users is kept on a safe and secure server

15 out of 20

Your systems and processes have held up during the pandemic

16 out of 20

Your management encourages an open dialogue about strategy and policy with your staff

17 out of 20

Your leadership motivates staff at all levels of the organisation and recognises their merit

18 out of 20

Your organisational strategy takes into account opportunities presented through partnerships and collaborations

19 out of 20

Your organisational strategy takes into account the activities of other organisations working in the same field

20 out of 20

Thank you for completing this sample assessment. We hope that it got you thinking.

This short questionnaire touches upon ten areas of capacity development that are most often in need of review.

It provides just a few insights to the vast areas of competence needed to address your organisation's gaps and weaknesses.

But that is not sufficient.

Our purpose is to encourage you to think about the many issues that can affect the sustainability of your organisation.

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