em4 Capacity Building Services

can we as a funder support our grantees with transformative shifts in their fundraising strategy?
can our NGO devise a 5-year plan that will convince funders to invest in us over the long term?
can our Social Enterprise engage more productively with our Board?
can we motivate staff and volunteers to meet demanding Board targets?
can we present our Mission to funders in order to inspire their trust and confidence?
can funders and grantees engage in constructive dialogue without risking Mission-drift?
can my organisation engage with a powerful funder about our social impact?

What is Capacity Building?

Everything that is needed to bring an organisation to the next level of operational, programmatic, financial and organisational maturity in order to fulfil its Mission and maximise its social impact.

Major Capacity Building Challenges are listed below:

  • Mission, Vision & Values: Are your fundamentals solid and understood within and external to your organisation?
  • Governance: Are your governance processes and structures robust?
  • Fundraising: Does your fundraising strategy deliver on your Mission?
  • Marketing: Do you have a good understanding of your market and how you connect with it?
  • Communications: How impactful are the information and knowledge you provide to stakeholders?
  • Impact: What is the measurable impact of your services and campaigns?
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: Do you have a systematic approach to collecting and analysing information?
  • Systems & Processes: Do your operations increase transparency and accountability?
  • Finance: How financially stable is your organisation?
  • Human Resources: Do your policies, practices and culture reflect the needs and diversity of your organisation?
  • Leadership: Is your leadership strong, resilient and inclusive?
  • Management: Do the style and behaviour of your managers support your Mission and values?
  • Strategy: Is your organisation Mission-driven, resilient, agile and active on risk mitigation?

If you are a Funder that provides capacity-building support or services to your grantees, email funders@em4.org for details

em4 Blended Learning Solutions

Learning targeted to your assessed needs helping you diversify your funding sources creatively & sustainably.

  • Organisational Assessment
  • Training and Facilitation – in-person and online classrooms
  • Consulting
  • em4 eLearning – specialised capacity building and soft skills
  • Action Learning
  • Coaching and Mentoring

All solutions can be accessed through our securitised digital platform. Every client has a dedicated em4 team member working with them personally.

em4 provides clients with a regular visual representation of their progress throughout the learning journey. This gives the Board and management a clear understanding, in real time, of the organisation’s performance and areas for further improvement.