em4Deliver is our core consultancy-based programme for

We provide individual and collective learning solutions specifically targeted to your assessed needs to increase your awareness and knowledge of strategy, leadership and governance, and to help you diversify your funding sources creatively and sustainably.

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions as a Funder, NGO or Social Enterprise?

can we as a funder support our grantees to achieve transformational shifts in their fundraising strategy?
can our NGO devise a 5-year plan that will convince funders to invest in us over the long term?
can our Social Enterprise engage more productively with our Board?
can we manage expectations while maintaining a steady development pace, motivating staff and volunteers efficiently, and efficiently meeting demanding Board targets?
can we present our vision and mission to potential funders so that they realise that we can achieve sustainable social impact with their support for both our programmes and our organisation as a whole?
can funders and grantees engage in constructive dialogue about ROI without opening the gates to mission creep?
can my organisation develop a conversation with a powerful potential funder about how to achieve social impact?

Who delivers?

An em4 manager and local consultants will serve you as route manager, learning facilitator and coach.

How do we deliver?

  • Training workshops (in-person and online classrooms) – individual and collective
  • Private coaching and mentoring
  • Digital Campus – Communications between consultants and grantees are facilitated as are the sharing of notes and reports, Q&A, advice (even after the programme concludes), cross-pollination of ideas, and dissemination of videos and screencasts. From a wider angle, the Campus provides access to a global community of social impact organisations that are part of the growing em4 family
  • em4eLearning – bespoke online courses including micro learning and bite-sized courses
  • Learning with games – individual and collective
  • Screencasts / Webinars on specific topics
  • Discussion forums
  • Support even after the programme concludes

Whatever your cause or mission ...

.... we can help to improve results and your impact