em4 Organisational Assessment

Growth, learning and change are often co-dependent, reciprocal and integral to any good capacity building approach. What you do to address internal gaps and challenges depends to a large extent on assessing and understanding what is working in your organisation and what is not.

An organisational assessment is an essential activity that can guide you in strengthening the capacity of your organisation and help you to understand what you can change in order to fulfil your goals and objectives. It should be the first stage in building capacity before investing resources to address change and should form a fundamental part of a strategic planning process.

The benefits of conducting an assessment are clear. It can instil a sense of confidence in your team and Board, and build the skills and knowledge to enhance your organisation’s ability to be well governed, led and resourced. It can also positively influence culture and strategy and lead to achieving better outcomes and impact for your supporters and service users.

What does em4 assess?

How do we do it?

Our comprehensive and multifunctional assessment covers ten key areas in an organisation’s functioning, positioning and performance. It tells you what is working and what is not, what needs to change and what you need to prioritise for investment.

It carefully unpacks each of the ten areas to identify the gaps and provides you with a roadmap for establishing a personalised training and development needs strategy. This includes a practical and easy-to-implement Blended Learning Action Plan for your operational team and a high level monitoring tool for your Board for oversight, tracking of risks and investing in improvements.

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