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Enabling Missions for NGOs and Social Enterprises in a 4-stage programme: bespoke, time-bound & high-impact

We facilitate organisational development and leadership and fundraising capabilities

em4 provides easy and efficient access to basic, intermediate and high-level learning (face-to-face and eLearning) and facilitates access to multiple services, in two ways:

  • Funders can support their grantees by sponsoring their participation in the em4 assessment (em4Assess) and consultancy-based programme (em4Consult). Funders truly fulfil their mission when their investment in grantees goes beyond programme results and impact and, as part of an exit strategy, they can contribute to the continuing strength and sustainability of their grantees.
  • NGOs and Social Enterprises can access em4 programmes and services directly

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Donna Reitano
Donna has 20 years’ experience in management, resource mobilisation and advocacy in multi-cultural NGOs and intergovernmental organisations.
Her focus has been on developing strategy and sustainability for business-driven and cause-driven organisations as an advocate for their top-priority issues to government, the European Union and the UN.
For the past ten years, Donna has been dedicated to NGOs and social enterprises involved with human and environmental rights at FundsUp, her own consultancy. She has also actively volunteered for an NGO lobbying for policy and regulatory change at the UN as well as acting as a board member to a grassroots organisation developing autonomous subsistence programmes and youth education in Cambodia.
Donna’s educational background is in languages, law and business.
She shares her time between France and Switzerland.

Ajay Mehta
Ajay is an organisational development specialist passionate about supporting the growth and sustainability of civil society organisations globally to increase their social impact.
With significant contributions in the social impact and public sectors he brings a breadth of experience to support the development of organisations in the areas of strategic planning and overhaul, income generation for sustainable growth, leadership development, and governance.
The portfolio of his work has ranged from large international institutions to smaller community based organisations, supporting them to review and re-engineer their strategic interventions and maximise impact.
He has held non-executive director positions with national and international charities and with the UK’s National Health Service, headed up a charitable foundation with investments to develop the health economy in sub-Saharan Africa.
Ajay resides in London, England.

Niall Blair
Niall is passionate about helping people and organisations fulfil their potential and, using technology, to make learning meritocratic, accessible and affordable for all.
Since graduating from Dundee University with a BSC (Hons) in Economics and Electronic/Electrical Engineering, he has headed up Change Programmes, Innovation, Operations, Business Improvement, Customer Service and Learning & Development, in FTSE 100 companies as well as startups across the UK for almost 30 years.
Finally giving in full time to his entrepreneurial spirit, and after forming a digital creative agency in 2004, Niall founded grapl ltd., in 2014, a digital first consultancy practice delivering a broad range of organisational development services including Leadership and People Development, eLearning, Digital Transformation and Web & Graphic design.
Niall resides in Perthshire, Scotland with his partner and 2 youngest sons.

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